At Ultrafabrics we create materials suited for life. We innovate in sync with emerging customer needs to create versatile solutions for any surface, and for a multitude of industries. Every fabric coming out of our mill is a premium, sustainable and intelligent product that speaks to—and elevates—the senses.

We are deeply passionate about the endless possibilities represented by Ultrafabrics materials. We are equally as passionate about partnering with our clients to explore and answer to new opportunities as they arise. We are dedicated to innovation and sustainability and are always improving to continuously deliver superior performance fabrics.

With over five decades of expertise in our DNA, and with operations on 3 three continents, what we are today is because of the unparalleled drive, ethic, and spirit of cross-cultural collaboration that every team member brings to their craft, each day.



Rooted in 25 years of professional partnership, founders Clay Rosenberg and Danielle Boecker-Primack are deeply passionate about Ultrafabrics and the endless possibilities they offer.

With an unwavering dedication to innovation, vast expertise, and an easy-going nature they have built a company culture that serves as the soul and backbone of Ultrafabrics. Always creating, improving, and driven to deliver superior performance fabrics partnered with personalized attention to every customer.

With operations on 3 three continents, Ultrafabrics is the company it is today because of the unparalleled drive, ethic, and spirit of cross-cultural collaboration that every team member brings to their craft, every single day. The shared goal is simple: The esteem of our peers and customers. We meet this ambition with the determination to do every job flawlessly, every time.



Our engineering and craftsmanship is constantly honed, evolving with the emergence of new technologies. We are not watching the horizon - we are on it.


We are relentless in the pursuit of perfection. From new innovations to custom creations, we hold every initiative to a standard beyond expectations.


Made for humans, by humans, we are ethical, sustainable and future-focused, with planet and people in mind.


What we create is possibility. We deliver evolving platforms for expressing imagination and creativity, and provide solutions that inspire creators to dream bigger.


Hands-on and passionate, we strive to always deliver a distinguished experience. From our fabrics to our people, we aim to always stand out.


Our product is a cornerstone of tomorrow’s luxury: conscientious comfort delivered by a material unlike any other.


Nothing beats Ultraleather for fabric performance, look, and feel. I highly recommend it to all my customers.

Laura Shackleford, Design Tiffany Yachts, Inc.

“I love the bright, environmentally friendly products you offer - I'm hoping they're easy to apply to custom booths in my restaurant remodel.“

Laura Freeman, Designer Merits Interiors

“We have been using the Brisa and other products for 6 years now. The fabrics in our yachts get the most comments from our customers and those viewing the boat, about how comfortable and authentic it looks and feels. We use this product exclusively. Thanks!”

Roger Brooks CEO/President Brooks Boatworks Inc.

“Everyone loves the feel of Ultrafabrics on our seating products.”

Greg Oseland, District Manager OFS

“Ultrafabrics offers the highest quality and widest choice as more and more clients ask for non-leather options.”

George Cuttingham, President Cuttingham Design



Ultrafabrics is known for its diversity of color and textures. Just a small dose of color will transform any space and add excitement. This month we’re celebrating all shades of bold details, because when it comes to design- there are no limits!


Opening during Clerkenwell Design Week 22-24 May, 2018, the vision of the Ultrafabrics showroom is to serve as a stimulating and inspiring collaboration space for clients and a creative hub for the design community from the UK, Europe and beyond.

Designed by Danish interior design firm, OEO Studio, in collaboration with creative strategist Teke Busk, the concept was to create an inspirational destination that pushes the boundaries of how fabrics are showcased and used, creating a bold, dynamic and unique spatial experience with a strong narrative that appeals to the human senses.


The golden days of summer are just around the corner, and we could not be more excited! All shades of yellow are welcome. From light and subtle, to bright and bold. That is why we are happy to say hello to beautiful yellow in May of 2018.


Ultrafabrics® is launching its first international showroom in the London district of Clerkenwell, a major hub of innovation and design in the UK, Europe and the world. The new showroom will open during Clerkenwell Design Week (May 22-24) and will serve as an innovative, engaging and inspiring destination for clients, designers, and the public at large, as well as the office headquarters for the Ultrafabrics Europe team