From commercial airlines to private jets, our high-performance fabrics are the preferred choice for seating, headliner, bulkhead, sidewall and other vertical surfaces, landing us in cabins across the globe.

For over forty years Ultrafabrics has worked with Tapis Corp to bring the best of our thinking to the aviation industry for commercial seating, vertical surfaces and business jet applications.


The only fabric that breathes.
Not that you would, but you could.
A feeling beyond comparison.
Fabrics that redefine expectations.
  • Commercial Seating

    Our craftsmanship is constantly being honed, evolving with emerging new technologies for intelligent seating solutions. From American and Delta to JAL and United, Ultrafabrics provides premium, animal-free fabrics to more than 50 commercial airlines around the world.

    For a complete list of our Aviation partners.

  • Vertical Surfaces

    From first class cabins and private suites to partitions and monuments, Ultrafabrics works with Tapis to provide a wide range of design and color options that can be used on vertical surfaces throughout the cabin. 

    For more information on proven vertical surface solutions.

  • VIP / Business Aviation

    Used in multiple parts of the aircraft including seating, sidewall, window panel, baggage compartments and headliner, we provide premium, animal-free solutions for VIP and Business customers around the world.

    For more information, including a list of VIP / Business partners.


Attributes include:

  • Made without adhesives, entanglement, or lamination
  • Low VOC emissions and no off gassing
  • Climate control technology promotes seating comfort
  • Tolerates 500,000+ double-rubs (Wyzenbeek) and 2500+ cycles with CS10 1kg load (Taber)
  • Lightest material in the market at 340 g/m2, providing reduced fuel consumption
  • Used in areas where harsh cleaners are required
  • Odorless and non-allergenic
  • Flame retardants do not wash out

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